Boom Description

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Boom Description

Utility Trucks, Cargo Vans and Flatbed Trucks

A “boom” describes an external type of arm of the truck body base, a base that is usually a flatbed or utility truck body and sometimes placed around a cargo van. These external arms are normally in the form of a bucket platform (bucket trucks) that holds one or two men that reaches out to a higher area, some 12ft up to 100 plus feet from the ground. These booms can also be in the form of a crane to grab items from a higher area like roofs or structures. These types of booms are typically used to work in areas that are not closely reachable from the ground.

van bucket body

Cargo Van with Bucket Boom

flatbed bucket body

Flatbed Bucket Boom

utility crane body

Crane Body (crane boom)

one man bucket truck

Utility Bucket Body

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