Ford E-350 Wagon (Passenger)

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Ford E-350 Wagon (Passenger)

Ford E-350 Wagon (Passenger)

Accommodates 8-12 passengers on the regular version.  The available extended length version will seat 11-15 passengers.  Wheelbase is 138”.  This vehicle has a GVWR range from 8,800 – 9,500 lbs and GCWR range from 13,000 – 18,500 lbs.  It is available in XL and XLT trim levels.

  • 5.4L Triton® 16-valve flex fuel V8 Gas – With 255 hp and 350 lb-ft torque, this gasoline engine is a great upgrade in power from the entry level 4.6L V8 with a wider power band.  It is capable of running on gasoline, E85 or a combination of the two.
  • 6.8L Triton® 20-valve V10 Gas – With 305 hp and 420 lb-ft torque, this gasoline engine gets the job done with its best in class torque.
  • 4×2 – Powered by 2 wheels
  • Axle Ratio – Lower axle ratios provide better fuel efficiency, while a higher axle ratio will provide better pulling power
  • Transmission – Higher number of gears will allow better fuel efficiency

Ford E350 Passenger Van

Ford E350 Wagon (Passenger) Van

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