Ford F-550 Chassis Cab

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Ford F-550 Chassis Cab

Ford F-550 Chassis Cab

This chassis cab has a GVWR of 18,000 lbs. and GCWR range from 26,000 – 35,000 lbs.  Depending on the upfit you need for your chassis cab, there are a few different wheelbases and cab-axle lengths available.  These include: 141/60, 162/60, 176/60, 165/84, 186/84, 200/84, 189/108, 201/120.  This chassis cab pairs up great with several upfits including: Van bodies, Dump bodies, Utility bodies, stake beds, flatbeds, wrecker-roll-off and even wrecker-booms.  It is only available with Dual Rear Wheels and supports up to 18 ft. bodies.

  • Regular Cab – 2 doors
  • Super Cab – 2 front doors with 2 rear suicide doors
  • Crew Cab – 4 doors
  • DRW 4×2 – Powered by 2 wheels, 6 total wheels.  Dual Rear Wheels
  • DRW 4×4 – Powered by all 4 wheels, 6 total wheels.  Dual Rear Wheels
  • Axle Ratio – Lower axle ratios provide better fuel efficiency, while a higher axle ratio will provide better pulling power
  • Transmission – Higher number of gears will allow better fuel efficiency

Ford F550 Mechanics Truck


Ford F-550 Mechanics Truck

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