Tool Box Descriptions

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Tool Box Descriptions

Pickup Trucks

Tool boxes can be placed in the back of pickup truck beds from one wall to the next. These tool boxes are normally made out of steel but can be made in aluminum for weight reasons. The tool boxes are usually used to store tools and sometimes work documents like maps or blue prints.

pickup truck with tool boxes

Utility Trucks

All tool boxes are a rectangular or box shape compartment that can have an open top, hinged door type that are organized with open space, shelves, or bins. Tool boxes are what comprise a light duty or medium duty utility body that can hold an assortment of tools, tool accessories and small equipment. Larger tool boxes that can hold tanks, generators or pumps are usually found in medium duty to heavy duty utility truck bodies.


Light Duty Utility Body

mechanics truck body

Heavy Duty Utility Body

Dump Trucks and Flatbed Trucks

A dump truck will normally have a back pack type of tool box set up that is directly behind the cab in a locker type configuration. Back pack types can be found on flatbeds and stakebeds depending on the application and use the owner of the truck needs to conduct business.

backpack tool box

Under Bed Tool Box Configurations

Tool boxes can be set up under the bed of flatbeds, stakebeds and dump trucks alike. Sizes usually range between 24, 36, 48 and 72 inches to help carry small and larger size equipment and tools.

under body tool box

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