Truck Body Interior Walls Description

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Truck Body Interior Walls Description

Interior Walls

Cargo Vans

Interior Walls can be lined up with racks, bins, storage space, or tie down tracks that can help secure cargo that may move around. Racks and storage bins, depending on material or tool weight are typically made out of aluminum or steel. Steel being the more popular one will add more weight to the vans delivery so keep in mind the actual need for a sturdy or light weight cargo carrier.

cargo van interior


Cargo Van Interior with Tool Boxes and Shelving Units

Box/Van Bodies

These delivery vehicles are typically “lined” up with slats of wood so that the inside of the walls can be used to tie down a typical pallet of cargo. If the body is converted into refrigerated material it will be of a Fiberglass Re-inforced Plastic (FRP) source and may have tie down tracks to secure pallets or loose cargo.

diamond plate floor



Refrigerated Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

box truck etrack

Solid Plywood Walls

frp walls

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

slat lined walls

Slat Lined Hardwood


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