Truck Body Material Description

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Truck Body Material Description

Box/Van Body

For a box truck or van body the body material will typically be aluminum because it is light weight but there are other options in Fiberglass Re-enforced Plastic (FRP) and Curtain Sides. The benefits of FRP are that it is a much sturdier and longer lasting option but it can hold back the delivery weight of a truck because it is a heavier material. A curtain side box truck or van body is mainly used for those deliveries that are side loaded due to its size in material, for example rectangular oversized pallets or large items that do not fit on pallets. Side curtains can also be used for materials that can be easily loaded onto stakebeds or flatbeds but need to be covered over top by a box like nursery plants and trees.

aluminum box truck

Aluminum Box Truck

frp box truck

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Box Truck

Utility Body

The typical material for a utility body is galvanized steel or carbon steel which is generally a lighter and sturdier option that of an aluminum body. The advantages of an aluminum body would be its weight but generally does not last very long considering the multiple uses and frequency of using the body.

aluminum utility body

Aluminum Utility Body

steel utility body

Steel Utility Body

Dump Body

Material for dumps are typically made out of wood or steel. If the dump typically carries heavy material such as stone, gravel or dirt the dump should be made out of steel. The floors in either wood or steel dump bodies are typically a smooth steel or a diamond plated steel. Those who usually scrap landscaping material such as tree branches and other types of woods will typically be guarded by wood sides. The heavier the cargo the heavier the body material should be.

landscaper dump

Landscaper Dump (wood)

solid steel dump

Steel Side Dump

aluminum dump

Aluminum Side Dump

Stakebed and Flatbed Body

Stakebeds are normally gated with wood material but for those who have heavier cargo tend to guard their heavier or precious cargo with heavier sides like steel so that the cargo doesn’t slide over to a weak side of a gate and break through if not tied down. A Flatbed is typically made out of wood with an overlay that can be smooth or diamond plated steel.

aluminum side stakebed

Aluminum Side Stakebed

stakebed truck wood

Wood Side Stakebed

steel side stakebed

Steel Side Stakebed


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