Truck Body Tie Down Description

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Truck Body Tie Down Description

Cargo Vans and Box Trucks

For cargo vans and box trucks alike they will usually be equipped with tie down tracks simply named, an e track for a horizontal track, a track for a vertical track  that uses a belt and lock mechanism or hooks and rings to tied down in a more old fashioned manner, by slipping rope through and tying on end.

Flatbeds and Stakebeds

For flatbeds and stakebeds the tied downs can be a hook and ring type but a more maneuverable type in the winch category. The winches can slide or stay as a fixed method. The winches allow the cargo to be tied down with a belt like rope that will cover and cross over from one side of the bed to the other and lock in, like a belt.

cargo van etrack

Cargo Van E-Track


Box Truck E-Track



Winch (fixed or sliding)

t rope hook

“T” Rope Hook

d ring


“D” Ring Rope Hook


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