Truck Bulkhead (headboard) Description

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Truck Bulkhead (headboard) Description

Similar to a headboard on a comfortable bed, a bulkhead would be the backboard or back bone of a stakebed, flatbed or maybe even a dump body. This bulkhead/backboard usually has an opening for the driver to see out of when backing up or looking through the rear view mirror. Bulkheads are usually made out of solid steel, a steel mesh or mixed with a 50/50 material molding of mesh and solid steel. A bulkhead on a box truck can be a kemlite/frp material, wood, wood with a steel overaly or other combinations of material to protect the walls of the heaviest cargo area inside the box.

50-50 solid steel and mesh

50-50 Solid Steel with Mesh

solid bulkhead with rear hole

Solid Steel with Rear Hole

cargo van bulkhead

Cargo Van Bulkhead

utility bulkhead

Utility Truck Body Bulkhead


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