*Photos at the end of every truck summary are photos that are similar to the truck and body configurations that are completed. They may not visually include the color, cab size, body size and exact equipment that you have selected in the truck build and is only used for as an example. For further inquiries on your preferred work truck please submit a contact form and an authorized dealer will contact you immediately.

*Chassis and truck body specifications are based off of multiple similarities of leading manufacturers in the commercial truck industry. These specifications may or may not be similar to the actual chassis that you wish to purchase and should only be used for reference. Please contact an authorized dealer and body manufacturer for further details.

*All included truck bodies and options are industry recommended. Weights are for estimated use only. See dealer for accurate or custom details.

*Hino chassis data is provided by Hino Motor Sales USA reference guides, websites and dealer surveys. Please see an authorized dealer for further details.

*Hino, Allison and all other Hino related products are sole properties of Hino Motor Sales USA and are used on this website for reference only. 



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